Winners: Abdias Lopez, Esgar Delgado and Cristobal Peña

COOPVAMA has been encouraging its farmers to produce specialty organic coffee (over 88% cup points). Hence, in 2016, there was a contest that was opened to all of the members of the cooperative. The prize for the first, second and third place was a weed-whacker machine, pruner coffee machine, and a coffee depulping machine respectively.

This type of contests is a good tool to motivate the farmers to produce high-quality organic coffee. In that opportunity, the winners were Mr. Abdias Lopez from Atupampa (a weed-whacker), Mr. Esgar Delgado from El Huaco (a coffee pulping machine) and Mr. Cristobal Peña from Rosario de Chingama (a coffee pruner machine). Please do not think that they are unhappy because of the expression on their faces. Just to let you know, in Latino countries, people are shy and do not usually smile for the camera lens. They might be really happy actually!